500mW 3DR Telemetry Kit, how to set for 500mW power

Just purchased from UnmannedTech shop a 500mW 3DR Telemetry Kit V2 (433MHz)
All is good, updated firmware in Mission Planner on both, set personal id on both. :+1:
However in the SIK radio setup section in MP the maximum power level number that is listed is 20, equating to 100mW, how can I set it to take advantage of the 500mW capability of these radios?

Thank you
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

3DR never made a 500mW 433 radio… so I have no idea…

Please contact the supplier, maybe they can help

I bought many types of china 3dxr telemetry modems. Generally they are not worth to try. Even 1000mW versions lose connection very fast. It’s just better to buy RFD 868 modems.

Hey guys! Make sure you buy radios from good source. I have couple of sets from holybro which say 500mW and they are horrible. Horrible RF designs.
It’s worth investing in RFDx modems or Herelink if you have budget.

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Hi Malik,
I’m avoiding 868MHz as the the RC is on TBS Crossfire (868MHz UK/Europe)
My main aim is to use the crossfire link to bring me the telemetry data to the ground but it’s not been playing ball for a few weeks. I got these cheap 433MHz units as a ‘stop-gap’
I’d certainly agree the RFD modems are the superior route over 433MHz
Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

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