Abnormal behaviour (Spinning) of Quad in Mid flight

1- During auto mission quad starts spinning and when I gave RTL command through MP returned back to Home location .
2- during take off it also do spinning
3- please check my flight log


You forgot to set permission for your file.

No access to the log file, it’s not shared correctly.
Uncontrolled yaw is usually a mechanical issue like twisted motor mounts or arms, or even frame flex, that is too much for the motor torque to handle.

@xfacta @Alvin I have changed the permission please check it

As expected the motors are fighting a physical yaw issue the whole time it’s airborne. CCW motors (1 and 2) are working really hard and CW motors (3 and 4) are hitting minimum.

This is affecting pitch and roll stability too, so after the yaw issue is fixed do another test flight and we’ll look at the rest.

Set these:

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