About the Mandatory Safety Bulletins category


Any Mandatory safety Bulletins for any Cube, Here, or accessory will be listed here.


Each Bulletin will contain the brief issue, any actions you must take, any planned remedies, and whether the issue is solved, and how to apply the solution to your hardware.

It is YOUR responsibility NOT to fly until the issue has been resolved for your vehicle.

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(Tomi Piriyev) #2

Hi Philip,
if i use the arduplane 3.8.5 with the parameters above, is it safe to fly?


you must fly with latest plane release firmware

(Tomi Piriyev) #4

I had working CUBE, after i update the firmware, now i got BRD_TYPE failed error. i Updated the MP, re-load the different vehicle firmware problem doesnt go. how can i solve this?


No, you had a faulty cube that the old firmware was not detecting.
Now that the firmware is detecting it, it’s keeping you on the ground for your safety.

The only solution is to contact your reseller and get it replaced.

(Tomi Piriyev) #6

I have already flew with this cube 130 times, there were no any flight issue happened


It doesn’t matter if you flew it 10,000 times.
We have detected a potential issue that could cause a crash on your cube.

Safety comes first. Contact your reseller for a replacement cube

(Tomi Piriyev) #8

what is the problem exactly? Is it on the sensors of the Dampened PCB? I noticed when i install Cube purple, it works fine, but it uses the only main PCB sensors


Please read the safety bulletin 02 for details.

Cube purple doesn’t have a vibration isolation system and is not affected by this. But it also has no redundancy at all.

(Tomi Piriyev) #10

is it safe to use purple firmware on black Cube on Plane ?


Why on earth would you want to disable your aircraft like that?
Your reseller will replace your cube for you!

Your cube is not fit for flight.

Cube purple is designed for vehicles that do not need redundancy, like boats or rovers

Get your cube swapped over!



They are not optional!

(Tomi Piriyev) #13

because my cube has wear signs on the metal cover, i think re-seller will not replace, not sure. second reason I also wanted to try purple because of thinner size


Contact your reseller

Did you crash it? If so, no, it’s not covered and this issue could be caused in a crash, but it’s up to your reseller

Who is your reseller?

(Tomi Piriyev) #15

I dint crashed, I just use in many experiments, and has some scratch signes on the case, I will contact to my reseller, thank you i bought from 3DXR from UK

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(Tomi Piriyev) #16


Ben from 3DXR is awesome and will be able to help you out.

May I ask what carrier board that is?

(Tomi Piriyev) #18

Yes, Ben is great guy, carrie rboard is Dronee Pilot ( new version with RPI zero W and Zoon telemetry module)


Very cool!


Love your work!