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(Chris Goodall) #2

I have a Here V2 installed on one of my Solos, it has been working on i2c. It was set to i2c from the factory. I’ve got the switch set to CAN. My yellow wire to CANL1 , white to CANH1, ground, 5v+. Mission Planner is updated to 1.3.68, master Dev 3.7 loaded to cube. Param CAN_P1_Driver set to 1. When I click SLCan Mode CAN1 or 2 for that matter. Nothing happens. It disconnects. I can’t see the Here GPS. Any thoughts?

(L Kurt Shaw) #3

Post a link to your video you showed me so @philip can se it


You got this working yes?

(Chris Goodall) #5

@philip https://youtu.be/ocWO6Ufwt1Y

(Chris Goodall) #6

@philip not quite. I can see the Here in MP. When USB is plugged into the cube the Here turns on and works fine. When on battery power the Here will just flash blue a few times then turn off. I’ve got the can wires going to can l1 and can h1 on the accessory pin out on the main board. Power is coming from the GPS 5v+ and ground. CAN switch set to CAN. If I set my volt meter to amps and test the positive and negative on the compass, when I remove the meter the Here will fire up and work fine. I am touching the outer two most pins on the compass i2c plug with my volt meter

. Sorry for my video quality… Cell phone and ticked off camera lady. :slight_smile:


Can you confirm your multimeter is in voltage mode and your cables are on the voltage position? It should read 5v across the power.

(Chris Goodall) #8

@philip, no. My meter was not set to voltage, it was set to amperage. But, the voltage coming from the GPS serial is 5.25v. That seems to be a variable reading depending on what all is hooked up. I decided to swap cubes. I reloaded 3.7 and the Here bootloader along with the firmware. This time I used the option to search for firmware online vs the firmware in the tutorial. All is well. It is extremely stable. I am very impressed. Here is a screen recording of Solex. https://youtu.be/_O1n375-Jw8

Here is cell phone footage. Please excuse. My excitement.


With current settings, you are directly shorting out the unit, and rebooting it.

(Chris Goodall) #10

@Phillip I have to admit. Not too sure what I was looking for. All I know is that would start the Here for some reason. Anyways. I’ve swapped the cube as the one I was using had been through some abuse and testing / crashing. I reloaded all firmware including the Here bootloader and firmware and it works like a charm. Better than i2c mode. Would you like logs?

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(Chris Goodall) #12

@philip now that the Here V2 is working properly on the Solo I would like to add more CAN. I am interested in Hereflow. Do you have a link to the CAN spliter, or I’ve seen a board that has 5 or 6 CAN plugs on it, that’s what I would prefer if applicable. I can’t for the life of me find it. @Pedals2Paddles


We don’t have is separately available, it’s shipped with every carrier board. But if you contact your reseller, I’m sure we can find you one.

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(Chris Goodall) #14

@philip I would like to make a more professional and user friendly version of CANbus install for the Solo, a plug and play harness with minimal work and less invasive for the installer. I need to know what crimping tool size and wire crimp ends would be requird to make a harness that plugs into your CAN spliter. Do you have that information?


The connector is a JST GH connector,
@apache405 and @curtisleo have the right gear to make custom cables for solo and The CubePilot standard connectors.

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(Chris Goodall) #16

@philip okay, I should have done more research because this is an easy one. I need the CAN/i2c spliter, DF13 to JST-GH 4 pin and DF13 to CLIK-Mate 6 pin. With these two harnesses and the existing ESC harness I can make a completely plug and play harness and have access on CAN 2.

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(Chris Goodall) #17

@philip I’ve rewired the Solo for multiple CAN, it all went together really well. I had to make some new harnesses but it’s GPS is working. Tonight I will get the Hereflow params set up and hopefully this will come together easily!