Accel 2 clipping

Hello. I am getting “Accel 2 clipping. Not safe to fly” warning on the Cube Orange with quadcopter. From searching the topic it seems caused by the vibrations. But from plots it seems ok. I wonder what else can cause this issue? Log file was a bit too large so I uploaded it to the drive. I would be thankful to anybody could help.

Log file: 09_33_14.ulg - Google Drive

Almost 100% of the cases of clipping is because you have something lose in your drone, could be a motor arm, the frame, etc. All the structure must be rock solid, all screws tight and all your props in good condition.

May be if you post a picture from your drone we can “see” something.

I thoroughly checked everything, maybe the case is that props are not balanced. But maybe it is caused by the vibrations, I mounted fcu on a dampening pad and will test and post results here later. Thank you for your answer

be aware the Cubes must not be mounted on dumpers, it has their own inside, and the external dumpers can be a problem on that case.

If you are using a old pixhawk, that could work.

I didn’t know that. But after mounting it on dampening plate error is gone. Till any problems occur this is the solution

that is good news, but is like “hide the sun with a finger”, as we say here in chile. The drone keep vibrating and lose, and you put a “filter” to avoid the FC get that vibrations.

The dumpers are a patch, you need to find the root of the problem.

Yeah surely it is the thing what you meant. As there are many reasons to the vibration: our propellers aren’t balanced. There are bunch of wires or connectors not properly tied to the frame. But for safely testing purposes it gets the job done

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