Adjusting Radio Output/PWM output for Hereink

Hi @Philip

The PWM output figures for the Herelink is from 1122 to 2009, is there a way to adjust the PWM out put 1000 to 2000?

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My aim is to build a long distance endurance quad with camera and telemetry. So I chose to use Herelink, and your companion FC the Cube.

But in order to attain a flying time of 60 minutes, the quad has to be light as possible, I do not need to elaborate any further as you are in the aviation industry.

So I did go about building the quad using the Herelink and the Cube, and other products readily available to achieve my goal. This resulted in 35 min flying time.

I have used eCalc to guide me in the process, I have changed motors to more efficient and lighter motors, and the same for the props. I have built a new frame with weighs 260 grams. Thanks to Robert Giordano see I see you have visited this site and appreciated his work in search of better quad frame.

I have researched alternate camera for the Herelink, and I have tested the Firefly Q6 one with least weight (50 grams), reduced number of components and now I have explore alternatives for the power supply (Mauch current sensor weighs in at 50 grams on it own) and flight controller, and there is no alternative for the Herelink in the market. But I have seen some clones of your Herelink running mission planner.

I am building Li-ion battery pack which weigh in as same as for example 10000mah Lipo battery but will provide more usable mah.

In search of reducing weight, I have to explore alternative for the Cube and Here2. Yes I am trying to use the Herelink with Matek F722 std. FC, Matek FCHUB-6S (PDB) and Matek M8Q (GPS), all weigh in around 30 grams, compared to Cube with std. carrier board (70 grams), Here2 (50 grams), cube power brick (15 grams) and then you need power supply for Herelink Mauch BEC (40 grams) all add to grand total of 175 grams.

I have to use iNav 2.2.1 with the Matek products, so I have tested the Herelink with the Mateck F722 Std. FC. The s.bus works and all the channels work, but iNav will not let me arm because the PWM output need to be 1000, and the Herelink PWM output starts at 1107. This is the reason I am asking you how to adjust the PWM output for the Herelink.

Please do not take it wrong, I am not saying the Cube and the Here2 are inferior in any way it is the best FC and Best GPS you can get in the market. But it is bit heavy for my application. One other thing I noticed you have a wonderful product “Herelink” , I see others are trying to get into FPV market (which is a bigger market than one your are targeting right now) and failed. Why do not get the FPV market share, to increase the sales. More dollars will provide the much need funds for further R&D, just please consider. If I have offended you or any one else my sincere apologies in advance.

Thank You.

When designing a vehicle, you need to start with the mission.
Using inferior components and mismatching out of design intent is just asking for headaches for all parties.

There are people flying vtol with the cube for 24 hours, many with very large payloads flying for over 40 minutes.

We support Ardupilot primarily, and we support PX4 as a secondary option, but we do not support inav, nor do we have any intention to do so.

We enjoy watching the FPV community and we learn from them, but that’s not our focus. We are the long term solution for serious hobbyists and serious professionals, dividing our attention benefits nobody at all.

HereLink is for ardupilot and PX4, and focused on the cube with the here.

We of course welcome any and all hacking and experimenting, but that’s at your own risk 100%

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Hi @Philip

I have defined my mission to fly quad for 60 min or more, I do not understand what you mean by inferior component?

Vtol can fly for more than 24 hrs because they have wings, and 40 min can be achieved very easily but not 60 min or more.

Under the Supported Flight Controllers topic you have said you will not support PX4, and MadRC has confirmed your comments.

I have read many times you saying what we do with our Herelink is our problem. I am not asking you to support either the iNav or the FPV community.

I only wanted to know how to adjust the PWM out put for the Herelink? You have not answered my question.

Thank you for your time.

We cannot give direct help to many PX4 people like we can for ardupilot, but the platform runs PX4 fine and is tested with both PX4 and ardupilot.

There are many cube multicopters flying more than 1 hour as well with the cube.

My point being, you are causing work for yourself by mixing so many systems.

No, we will not change the way HereLink works so you can use it with other hardware… it’s designed for the cube!

Hi @Philip

Mate no worries, thank you for your support. Ask and answered, sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Hope you will have lighter version of the cube and here2 in the future. I will consider other ways to reduce the weight for now.

Thank You.

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No worries

I think you can change those parameters in inav using rxrange command in CLI.

Here is a link about the process on betaflight but it’s the same in inav.

I would like to buy herelink hd but i’m using a matek 765 with ardupilot installed and i would lile to know if it works with the herelink? I mean telemetry?


I have a matek F765 wse Ardupilot 4.1.3 and use herelink all is ok , telemetry, video,rc …

That’s great. Do you have any youtube vid showing your setup?