ADS-B doesn't work

  • using Cube Orange and ads-B carrier board
  • Firmware: Arducopter 4.0.0
  • MP Version: 1.3.70
  • set parameters
  • ADSB_ENABLE = 1 Enable ADS-B (Disabled as default)

  • SERIAL5_BAUD = 57 Set baud rate

  • SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 1 Set protocol

  • SR1_ADSB = 2 Set ADSB stream rate to ground station on Telem2

but I can’t see any airplane around me (tested air traffic with flightradar24). With singe uAvionix ADS-B ping it works fine. Any hints what can be wrong? How can I check heartbeat of the internal ADS-B?

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Are you outside? Clear line of sight?

Yes, was outside at the same place where the uAvionix Ping works well.

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Go for a fly, and compare results. Range should be around 10 miles.

If you are still not receiving any, then RMA it

*** SOLVED ***
Carrier Board had a defect - was changed via RMA.