ADS-B In SERIAL5_PROTOCOL value question

I am running:

MP - Mike Bender

on Windows 11. I am connected to a Cube Blue with the ADS-B In carrier board. I have a question about the SERIAL5_PROTOCOL parameter which specifies the protocol used for the ADS-B In receiver. The ADS-B In Carrier Board / Configuration instructions say to set this parameter to 1 (MAVLink 1) but there is also value 35 which is ADSB. What is the difference between the two?

SERIAL5_PROTOCOL,2 is the correct value, Mavlink2.
The Cube carrier board is fitted with an ADSB receiver that is specifically made for small UAS and uses mavlink messages.
Other ADSB units use a particular ADSB protocol.

The ADS-B IN Carrier Board / Configuration specifically says to use SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 1 :

Is that page incorrect? Or does the firmware work properly when you specify either MAVLink 1 or MAVLink 2?

Where is your table from?

What protocol is ADSB (35)?

On one of my aircraft that I am using for ADS-B and AIS testing with the Cube ADS-B In carrier board, I have SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 1 and asm able to see aircraft that are broadcasting ADS-B. I will try with SERIAL5_PROTOCOL = 2 and se if I can still see aircraft.

MKavlink2 is preferred, it does everything Mavlink1 does and more.
Only some old OSD boards (eg: minimOSD) use Mavlink1, and maybe some specialist things I’m not aware of.