ADS-B on Cube Orange, Parameter?

What will be the correct parameters for: ADSB_RF_CAPABLE and ADSB_RF_SELECT?
Hardware: Cube Orange
Firmware: Arducopter 4.03

Actually I can’t receive any targets.

ADSB_EMIT_TYPE 14 0:NoInfo 1:Light 2:Small 3:Large 4:HighVortexlarge 5:Heavy 6:HighlyManuv 7:Rotocraft 8:RESERVED 9:Glider 10:LightAir 11:Parachute 12:UltraLight 13:RESERVED 14:UAV 15:Space 16:RESERVED 17:EmergencySurface 18:ServiceSurface 19:PointObstacle ADSB classification for the type of vehicle emitting the transponder signal. Default value is 14 (UAV).
ADSB_ENABLE 1 0:Disabled 1:Enabled Enable ADS-B
ADSB_ICAO_ID 0 -1 16777215 ICAO_ID unique vehicle identification number of this aircraft. This is a integer limited to 24bits. If set to 0 then one will be randomly generated. If set to -1 then static information is not sent, transceiver is assumed pre-programmed.
ADSB_ICAO_SPECL 0 ICAO_ID of special vehicle that ignores ADSB_LIST_RADIUS and ADSB_LIST_ALT. The vehicle is always tracked. Use 0 to disable.
ADSB_LEN_WIDTH 1 0:NO_DATA 1:L15W23 2:L25W28P5 3:L25W34 4:L35W33 5:L35W38 6:L45W39P5 7:L45W45 8:L55W45 9:L55W52 10:L65W59P5 11:L65W67 12:L75W72P5 13:L75W80 14:L85W80 15:L85W90 Aircraft length and width dimension options in Length and Width in meters. In most cases, use a value of 1 for smallest size.
ADSB_LIST_ALT 0 m 0 32767 ADSB vehicle list altitude filter. Vehicles detected above this altitude will be completely ignored. They will not show up in the SRx_ADSB stream to the GCS and will not be considered in any avoidance calculations. A value of 0 will disable this filter.
ADSB_LIST_MAX 25 1 100 ADSB list size of nearest vehicles. Longer lists take longer to refresh with lower SRx_ADSB values.
ADSB_LIST_RADIUS 0 m 0 100000 ADSB vehicle list radius filter. Vehicles detected outside this radius will be completely ignored. They will not show up in the SRx_ADSB stream to the GCS and will not be considered in any avoidance calculations. A value of 0 will disable this filter.
ADSB_LOG 1 0:no logging 1:log only special ID 2:log all 0: no logging, 1: log only special ID, 2:log all
ADSB_OFFSET_LAT 4 0:NoData 1:Left2m 2:Left4m 3:Left6m 4:Center 5:Right2m 6:Right4m 7:Right6m GPS antenna lateral offset. This describes the physical location offest from center of the GPS antenna on the aircraft.
ADSB_OFFSET_LON 1 0:NO_DATA 1:AppliedBySensor GPS antenna longitudinal offset. This is usually set to 1, Applied By Sensor
ADSB_RF_CAPABLE 0 0:Unknown 1:Rx UAT only 3:Rx UAT and 1090ES 7:Rx&Tx UAT and 1090ES Describes your hardware RF In/Out capabilities.
ADSB_RF_SELECT 3 0:Disabled 1:Rx-Only 2:Tx-Only 3:Rx and Tx Enabled Transceiver RF selection for Rx enable and/or Tx enable. This only effects devices that can Tx and Rx. Rx-only devices override this to always be Rx-only.
ADSB_SQUAWK 7000 octal 0 7777 VFR squawk (Mode 3/A) code is a pre-programmed default code when the pilot is flying VFR and not in contact with ATC. In the USA, the VFR squawk code is octal 1200 (hex 0x280, decimal 640) and in most parts of Europe the VFR squawk code is octal 7000. If an invalid octal number is set then it will be reset to 1200.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Do you have an ADSB transmitter? Because the Cube orange ADSB carrier board is a reciever only…

nope - only the ADSB in the Cube.
I thought it will be transmit and receive. So if it is a Rx only other Aircraft’s can´t see me?
That makes absolutely no sense because they can avoid much better the the slow UAV.
Anyway what will be the correct param.? I do not se other aircraft in MP or Qgc. Today I had a Aircraft just departing. (Living at the border of a controllzone)

A full ADSB transmitter is expensive and relatively power-hungry. Plus you need a registered aircraft and there’s numerous other requirements and paperwork. Imagine every Joe Average suddenly showing up on the local Air Traffic Controllers screen…

Check out
to set up the parameters for the ADSB receiver, avoidance and sending the info to the ground station.
Once it’s working you should be able to see any nearby ADSB transmitters on the ground station, assuming you’ve got a telemetry link.

I think you’ll only need:
AVD_ENABLE,1 and it’s sub-parameters that suit you
SRx_ADSB,5 (sending ADSB data to groundstation)

The SRx parameter can be a little tricky - for example SR3 doesnt necessarily refer to SERIAL3, but it refers to the 3rd SERIALx with mavlink enabled.
So if you’ve got your telem radio in SERIAL1 (the usual) then use SR1_ADSB,5

@ xfacta
Thank you, you are right, that will be a mass if everyone will send to the ATC, even if the Controller will hide the low level flying UAV.
Of course first I did was mentioned on the Ardupilot docs. But I can’t see any targets on the MP. How can I test the ADSB, something in the logs maybe?

In MissionPlanner Config->Planner put a tick in the ADSB option

I was using GQC but will check with MP soon.

I think I have an answer for your original question:
‘What settings for adsb_rf_capable’

By experimenting I believe this should be set to “3” in the parameters
or check “UAT_in” and “1090ES_in”
On the Setup>ADSB>RF capabilities field

ADSB_RF_Select appears to default to “1” as this is a Rx only device

This got it detecting aircraft for me (in addition to ticking the ADSB box in Config>Planner as mentioned above by Shawn.

I don’t understand why this crucial info isn’t in the ADSB parameter settings on the paper document that comes packaged with the Orange. Fortunately a bit of trial and error seemed to work here.