ADS-B only by chance

Hi altogether,

these are my ADS-B configurations. Unfortunately it works randomly (e.g. shows me other airplane in QGC or MissionPlanner only every now and than) and I have no idea, what exactly may be the cause for that:

Anybody got an idea?

Your radius is set to 0?

Which would mean it ignores all airplanes. You may set it to a reasonable range like 10000m or whatsoever.

My ADSB_RF_CAPABLE is set to 3.

I am on copter 4.0.7.

@Sven - You are absolutely right :roll_eyes: - I had this parameter already on another value but did’nt realiize that somehow it changed back to 0. Thanks.

Now it works if the copter is attached via USB-cable to MissionPlanner and here (MP) I see the airplanes around me. In QGC I don’t see anything :exploding_head:

Hi Sven
If I read ADSB_LIST_RADIUS description, I understand 0 will remove the filter, so must show all the vehicles it detect, or im wrong? the same wi tht ADSB_LIST_ALT filter.


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May be you want to try SR1_ADSB or SR2_ADSB to 2, depend if you are using telem1 or telem2

Oh. Yes. I never read the document til the end obviously. So Radius 0 should not be the issue.

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