Aerial Mapping using Cube,Drota,SonyAlpha6000

(Chandrahas Singh) #1

what are the best setting for SonyAlpha6000 Camera to obtain best result at height of 100 meter
Flight controller-cube black
Camera- SonyAlpha 6000
Flight Height-100 meter


That’s a very vague question …

Best to look up mapping , missions, etc on Ardupilot docs and follow the setup.

The parameters will 100% depend on your aircraft, and other factors.

(Mike Boland) #3

First thing is to ditch the standard lease and get a decent one that retains a fixed focus.
Set all the parameters for best images but leave only ISO auto.
We work with the A6000 and get 2cm per pixel from 120m (our max height).

(Chandrahas Singh) #4

@mboland some images are blur
what you set ?
Shutter speed
Can I get good images without using gimble

(___Airbot Systems) #5

Increase the shutter speed.
High shutter speed = Less/no blur

(Chandrahas Singh) #6

@Julien @mboland
hat you keep shutter speed
and aperture
height-100 meter

(___Airbot Systems) #7

Put your camera in “S” mode to define the shutter speed manually

(Chandrahas Singh) #8

my Shutter speed is 1600 is it ok?
Height 100 meter

(___Airbot Systems) #9

Yes, it would be ok.
I forgot to tell you that you must turn the camera on manual focus !
Put the focus on infinity by turning the lens on infinity icon (see picture attached)


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(Mike Boland) #10

If you really want to see what your camera is being subject to, fly a mission with the camera taking video.

This is the first step we always take in a gimbal/camera setup or debug.

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(curt carroll) #11

Yes you can. @ 100 + meters why use one? I fly with an a5000, Manual focus at infinity Fstop 7-5 (depends on light)
I use a foam & wire mount that performs ok 1CM @ 50m but I have also cheaply made a foam mount that produced .5 CM @50M. Almost 0 blur having a camera 100% foam supported. I am still working on a perfect design.

(Darko Car) #12

Hi, I am using this camera for years now. My usual setup is:

  1. Sunny day without any clouds
  2. Camera set to MANUAL mode as well as MANUAL FOCUS
  3. ISO 200, F 5.6, Shutter 1/1000
  4. Flying speed 8m/s for 120m AGL, 12m/s for 300m AGL
    I am using servo gimbal and have never tried to take a picture without it. Can you make few pictures of your foam&wire setup, please?

Lens setup is very important. I was using 20mm Sony for a long time but there is always the focus problem since you cannot fix it. My latest discovery is FIX FOCUS, FIX aperture (5.6) 25mm lens from Foxtech… $200 for perfect photogrammetric lens.

(curt carroll) #13!AsVDYQvUKHCO8huV9TEvI71C5V5y?e=HGFfz1
I saw some data that suggested wires could dampen vibrations best. So far that has not worked very well.
I have replaced the wires with o rings in this photo. The foam is automotive grade but hobby grade works too.

(Chandrahas Singh) #14

@philip @Darko @mboland @Julien @mtnsurveyor when I Process aerial mapping SonyAlpha6000 data in Pix4D , processed data is in the curved shape , what is the problem ?


I have seen this before, but I cannot find the post anywhere! It had the solution for this :frowning:
I suspect it is related to datums.

(Mallikarjun SE) #16

This usually used to happen in GoPro images due to fisheye effect. Check camera settings and images. And also check camera parameters on pix4d before proceeding to initial process.