Aerial Surveying

I want to fly copter for aerial surveying which camera I should use
which can I trigger properly with pixhawk

The Cube doesn’t trigger cameras directly, you should use a little interface that convert the PWM signal sent by the Cube into a trigger signal the camera you use can understand.
By using the appropriate converter, you can trigger a lot of cameras on the market. At this stage the questions are : What are the job needs ? what quality/resolution you want to obtain ? & what is your budget ?


i want good result , budget not problem , suggest some cameras which I can trigger through cable

Sony A7R iii !

is there any other camera

I would like an A7R but the $2k cost for me is too risky. I like the SONY A5000 & A5100 triggered with DROTAGX I get geo referenced images straight from the camera card. These 2 cameras weigh 13oz each so you don’t need a huge bird & they are priced at $400 +/-.
The a5000 is 20.3mp 4/3 sensor
The a5100 is 24.1mp 4.3 sensor

The Sony A5100 is what we use and the contractor is getting 1cm/pixel resolution.

We normally use the Gentled trigger units, small and inexpensive, but I also have the Sony triggering directly from the Pixhawk with the correct settings on an Aux pin.

please share the link of trigger cable for pixhawk and gimble

I have used this on pixhawk and cube. I pay for the simplicity of geo referenced images on the card.
You could just build a simple trigger and use MP like most people do. I think only 7 decimal places Lat & long (about 1 cm) are recorded in MP. The drotagx tags 10+ decimal places.
I do not use a gimble anymore but it should wire to aux ports.
The gimble for this size camera is heavy and changes your build requirements.

Is this cable is compatible with Pixhawk cube

Is this cable is compatible with Pixhawk cube

Yes it is. I had to switch the cable but the cube cable pack has the correct one to use.