Air unit antenna placement ad nauseum lol

All my copters have the air unit antennas mounted 15deg tilted away from each other as per the Herelink documentation. But I have a boat that already has range issues caused by fresnel zone interference. I’m usually 5 to 20 meters above the boat, could I tilt them towards each other 15 degrees? I know it won’t help with the fresnel zone issue. Asking as I’m remounting them anyways to get them higher. Currently only about 15cm above the water level, not great.

ok, so in a perfect world., in your scenario you could mount them 100% vertical. reason being your not rolling/pitching like a quad or plane would. at the same time though i don’t know if your boat is on flat water or not.

Thanks for the reply. It’s usually doing mine tailing ponds, so not a lot of wave action. Plus that reverse bow keeps it pretty level and least going into the waves.