Air Unit - Beta Update

Airunit, connected via USB
When I try to update using “flasher_win.exe” it retrieve the files.
When I try to update using “flasher_win.exe beta” I get a 404 error.

Probably something simple I’m missing??

This appears to be a Windows/Network Issue
I can download the file on my phone when connected to cell service

How can I use flasher_win.exe and tell it to use a file on my computer?

Will something like this work 'flasher_win.exe airunit_beta-AAU01210729.tar.gz

Well, I spoke to soon.

On my phone, is 225.8MB

On my phone , is 14kb

Still getting 404 errors using flasher_win.exe beta
Works fine using flasher_win.exe except it’s not the beta version

Are you still not able to update your unit now?

flasher_win.exe beta

Should be correct

the beta and stable are the same version at the moment. so that beta part has no effect