Air unit dead on arrival?

Hi there,

I just received my HereLink (purchased off of Amazon via IRLOCK). The ground unit works just fine, but the air unit is completely unresponsive, not even any LEDs at any point in time, and it doesn’t show up as any sort of USB device when connected to my PC. I first provided 6V from a power supply, then tried 7.5V and 9V, with no changes. Holding the pair/reset button has made no difference as well. I verified with a multimeter that the expected voltage was being provided.

Any ideas?

How do you power the air unit?

Just a basic adjustable DC power supply. As stated above, I used voltage levels from 6V to 9V, verified with a multimeter.

It is recommended to use 7-12V to power up the Herelink.
How many current/watt does your power supply output?

Bumping up to 12V seems to make no difference. It’s a 45W power supply, so should be way more than enough. Also worth noting, I’ve had the antennas plugged in the entire time.

The antenna have nothing to do with whether it could be turned on or not.
You may contact your local distributor for RMA