Air Unit Mounting

Wondering if there is a drawing showing the mounting hole dimensions and mount screws for the air unit.

The unit it’s self has no mounting holes however it includes a base plate that does. I can share the dimensions on that later.

You can use the mounting plate as a template for drilling the holes.

There are mounting holes on the base. Of the unit.

@Eric_Xie, do you have a drawing?

@Eric_Xie - have you had a chance to follow this up?
Also another suggestion would be to release the stl & step files for current/new hardware so that people can 3d print the shape to test fitment and incorporate into new existing designs whilst waiting for the products to be available for shipping. KDEDirect does this and it makes designing and checking of builds easy before ordering.

Hello, Turnere,

Our team will post the drawing on this topic soon. Sorry for the late response.


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Hello, Turnere,
I hope this one can help you.
We also had stp file.if you want,Please told me.

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Thanks for that!

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Thank you !