Air Unit Wiring

Does anyone have any recommended wiring for installing the Air unit in a rover? Initially ran it direct to the battery on the 8v lead of the balance cable. That proved to be a bad idea without some protection between the two and the Air Unit is very sensitive to arcing. Looking at possibly installing a BEC and running off it instead, but wanted to see if anyone else out there had any suggestions.


I’m running mine of the 5v on my motor controller.

I’d not be happy direct to battery as there is always opportunity for bad things. But there is technically no reason why not as long as it’s in voltage range.

I use a BEC for mine

Is there any drawback to using it on 5V?

I thought that wasn’t an Option since the Documentation says 7V Recommended (6V min - 12V max).

I used to have a Matek Micro BEC (9V Out) but i’m very uneasy with the soldered connection.
(I’m on a beginner level and feel uneasy about the half-circle connection on the pcb)

Now i’m thinking about investing in a bigger BEC and i’d love to get some insights from you.

Thanks :wink: