Airbot 180A X8 PDB info

Does anybody know where I could get some info and pics of the Airbot 180A-X8 PDB that shows it wired up to the ESC’s and Pixhawks 2.1?

I am rebuilding my 3DRobotics X8 with Pixhawk 2.1 with Black Cube, Airbot 180A X8 PDB and two Airbot Ori32 4 in 1 ESC’s. I’d like to see the wiring done before I jump in to it.

@surferturfer, i offer to answer all you questions, what do you want to know ?

There are a lot of soldering points on this board. It would be great to see a pic of this board all wired and connected to a Pixhawk with Cube before I blindly attempt it

Hello @surferturfer,

Here is the new user guide, i hope it would answer all your questions
Airbot Systems PDB180 - USER MANUAL



That’s great. Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

image Am I able to use two 4in1 ESC’s with this? I’m confused with ESC connection to Pixhawk and carrier board? Am I soldering in to the S points on the board in the yellow box on your diagram to the left of the Pixhawk?

Signals from the Cube breakout board go to the S points in yellow.
Your ESC’s signal wires go to the corner pads or pins which will be numbered S1-8. For example top left corner S2, S5 this is for motor 2 and motor 5 signals.
See below for motor layout for ArduCopter.


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@surferturfer you can use the 4in1 if you want but to keep a cleaner installation (less wires) with the PDB, it is better to use 8 separated ESC you can attach next to the PDB or directly from arms tubes (inside or outside).

Note : What are the spacers for ?


I was intending on having the Pixhawk raised to save room by putting components like the ESC’s underneath it

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