Always relay on when starting cubepilot

I have configured Cube Orange with Ardupilot a relay in the output of auxiliary 5. It is well configured as indicated in the Ardupilot documentation and it works correctly.
The problem is that when Cube Orange is turned on, for a few moments during the load the relay goes to the ON state for a few seconds and then returns to its OFF position when the cube has started completely. How do I fix this?
Thank you.

What relay are you using? I could imagine maybe the uncontrolled voltage during Cube’s initializing turned on the relay?

The relay is one like this:ón/dp/B07RKH9KLM

At the beginning and with a tester, a constant 3.3 V is seen on the signal pin until after 1 second it reaches almost 0V.

It looks like this is a problem recognized long ago before.
Randy (rmackay9) has explained in the link above. This is a low level driver setting which is uncontrolled by any autopilot firmware.
So you may need to change it to another type of trigger if the function is critical. Eg: Parachute mentioned in the link.

edit: Randy’s user name

Thank you very much :slight_smile: I could not find that comment from Randy, I will follow your recommendation … thank you, greetings