Analog To HDMI converter

I am wondering if it’s possible to convert the signal from an FPV camera to HDMI for use with the HereLink. I have a Runcam Night Eagle 2 on my drone & I use it for night flying, is their a way I can still use this camera on my drone while using the herelink system. Even if it means I won’t get the full HD capabilities is their a way I can still use this setup…?

I use this one with a RunCam and works well. I take the plastic housing off.
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I apologize for not being more advance in this field but I’m attempting to learn more lil by little. Could you please break this down more in lame terms, what would exactly be the best setup or equipment to use to connect the Runcam Night Eagle 2 Pro to an HDMI cord for the Herelink…?
Instead of giving me different options give me the best one in your opinion step by step?
Please & Thank you


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From what I understand, you want to go from a RunCam (analog) signal to the Herelink which only accepts HDMI signal. So you need a Analog to HDMI converter like the one I recommended. You will take the video signal from the camera and run it into the converter. You will need to supply 5V power to the camera and converter. Then have a HDMI cable from the converter to the Air Herelink HDMI 1 or 2 Input.

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