Antenna Extension

Hello to all.
Successfully completed one of the projects, put a self-made gimbal from HereLink to DJI Matric 210 with Flir.
Winter is getting colder. And there was an idea to make an extension cable for antennas. It is necessary to be in the house or in the car, instead of the antennas in the herelink, connect the wire for carrying the antennas to the tripod outside the car or house.
Any ideas how this can be implemented?

Sorry for my English
if the idea is not clear, the figure below

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I have the same question, can you attach extension cables to the HereLink GS that can be run outside of a building or vehicle?

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@PaulZP @Gromitvt10
I’ve looked in to having made or building some extension cables for the same reasons. It’s 50 ohm coax with (99% sure) HD-BNC connectors. They are mostly available in 75 ohm versions but the 50 ohm ones can be acquired from Digi-Key/Avnet/etc from a manufacturer like Amphenol RF. You’d need the appropriate crimp tools for the cable, which can be expensive depending on the type of cable. It would also be wise to test the cables with a VNA to ensure they have low input impedance, and do not affect matching.

If we do end up making some, I may consider selling a few of them.