Antenna position


i’m flying with a fixed wing and to get the maximum range, i would like to know what is the best antennas position ?
From Taoglas, i got the specifications of this antennas, it seems that the antenna is omni.(pictures 1,2,3.)
From the manual, i got the optimal position of the antenna for a multicopter. (picture 4)
And my set up is this ( picture 5)

Well, what is the right position for the antennas ? what is the best position of the 2 antennas ?


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Here is how I put the antennas onto my plane at the moment and I had it for 5 km in open area last Sunday. Look at the last picture you post I think that is not much difference between x-y and z axis (about 1,3-1,5 times).
I have one Mavic pro, I did range test in short range at near my home with a lot of houses and tree, sequentially with herelin system (with video stream, the antennas set as manual - vertical) and Mavic pro. As a result, herelink signaling distance is shorter than that of mavic pro very clearly. On the other hand, the video transmission speed of herelink is also much lower than that of mavic pro.
So, what do these empirical results tell us? I know that max range of mavic pro is just about 10km in ideal condition!

thanks for your answer, the fact that there isn’t diference between the axes would permit to put the antennas as we want , no ?

Yeah, I think in your place with many hills and mountain, you would like to fly high more than fly far, so I think horizontal antennas setup is suitable!