Anti Drone Drone

(__Airbot Systems) #2

I discovered this company through this article :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Not really sure why they say “controversial” :slight_smile:

There is a market for this, and this guy’s stuff actually works… unlike most Counter UAS junk out there…

(__Airbot Systems) #4

Journalists love to add this kind of spicy words, only to catch readers attention. Journalism dark side


These days you just need to put drone and death together

(David B Bitton) #6

Any idea how they setup the Cube in a 5" (?) quad? I’d love to see the PIDs.


Easy? Just follow the tuning guide… link in the announcements section

(Stephen Thorpe) #8

Are those high voltage probes on the top? the black conical things.
The cable to them looks shielded and well protected
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

(Bobby Sakaki) #9

This is a brilliant ‘last line of defense’ solution when other cUAS solutions don’t work.