Anti-Vibration Platform

Hello, I was wondering if I would need vibration dampers on a Tarot x6 frame to use for the pixhawk 2.1?


You don’t need dampers. I would suggest you to hard mount Cube and check whether your airframe requires extra damping. Even if you do need damping after testing it in hard mount condition, try this.


How would I know I don’t need dampers. Thanks.

Is it looking at the log files? In misstion planer?

Or APM Planner2, or Dronee Plot.

I’m also wondering: to mount or not to mount an anti-vibration device. The one I have seems would do little, if any good because the dampers are pretty stiff for such a small flight controller (cube orange.)

I think it might even do more screwing up than solving. I wonder, what are others doing and not having problems? anti-vibration mount? or hard mount?

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The old style vibration mounts based on my design from 2013 were intended for the APM and Pixhawk platforms, and aren’t suitable for the Cube system. The IMUs are mounted towards the top of the Cube, so this results in rotational vibration being picked up as lateral acceleration.

The majority of setups won’t require additional vibration management, and using this sort of mount will actually reduce performance. The few that do should use a mount similar to my design that @Mallikarjun_SE posted above so that the centre of rotation is inline with the cube.