APD F Series Telemetry

I have been trying to get the Telemetry working on APD 80F3 ESCs for weeks now. I have talked to the APD team and they claim it works.

I have Dshot connected to Servo9-12. I have ground from each ESC going to each of the servo rail, as well as, tied the ESCs Ground and telem together and have all 4 going to the Serial 2 port.

I have Serial 2 set to ESC telemetry with the baudrate set to 115, as specified.

Has anyone out there gotten the telemetry to work on these? I would like to know if I am wasting my time but would like this to work to help troubleshoot if anything happens.


I’m about to test that too, I’ll update here.
I ran out of solder, waiting for delivery due to lockdown, so it could take me a couple more days.
Until then can you post you param file please?

Have you got these params? This is working for me without a motor connected.
I dont have a Cube Orange available at the moment (and in fact I dont own one :frowning: ) so this is with an old Pixhawk, but the settings are identical.

Telem wires all joined together and connected to Telem2 RX pin
SERIAL2_BAUD,115200 (this gets set automatically when you choose protocol 16)
SERVO9_FUNCTION,33 (and SERVO10 34 and so on)



Awesome! I haven’t been able to get those to show up like you did, but the fact that you did, gives me hope. I may have made a mistake somewhere… Thanks for the help. I will update this thread if I can get it working with Cube Orange.

Also, did you have to bring in a ground from each esc to the telem port or just the signal to the RX?APD_Telem.zip (5.3 KB)

Also, here is my param file. Could you see if it works for you?

And are you using APD ESCs?

Okay completely my fault! bad solder joint! Everything works on cube orange for everyone’s reference.

Thanks for the help!

Good stuff - I knew it would work.
Yes I used an APD ESC too.