Apparent Joystick Calibration Bug


Hey everyone, very excited about my new Herelink! I am getting it set up and it appears as though the RC pitch is reversed. After doing the joystick calibration (software and hardware) I noticed that pushing forward caused an increase in PWM indicated in Mission Planner. After a while of looking for a way to reverse the channels in the herelink, I ended up just re-doing the calibration and pushing the pitch in the reverse directions. This seems to have solved the issue, as a props off motor test has the correct motors spinning up and down.

Is there something I missed that should have been done to prevent this?


@sidbh thoughts?


You can reverse rc 3 in parameters to fix that would be better than calibrating backwards.


I considered doing this but preferred to just fix it in the transmitter, since that is how I would do it if I were using any other transmitter.

I flew today with no issues at all, it was great. Spring tension on this sticks is quite a bit more than i’m used to and I put in a little expo (which I don’t use on my Taranis), but great otherwise.