Arducopter landing using lidar

Is it possible for arducopter to use downward lidar for accurate landing when the altitude is within the lidar range?

I have good time with arduplane rgfnd_landing. I hope it already can be used with arducopter.

(Automatic Landing — Plane documentation)

The point of landing accurately is to land at the correct spot precisely isn’t it? I don’t quite understand how you can do it with lidar.

But I do know that tools like IR-lock uses upward lidar to guide the camera to land.

Ouh, sorry about the term accurate landing.

I mean that sometimes, barometer will not accurate, that is for the altitude reading.

What i expect is, when the drone fly, in this case, a copter, it will use barometer for altitude determination.

During landing, rtl, let say, less than than 10 meters, the drone will auto switch to lidar measurement that will give ‘better’ altitude measurement until the drone lands. Is this possible?

(This is possible for arduplane, i have tested it)
(In my case, irlock is not my option)