(ArduPilot)Omni X Rover: No motor movement

First Post here: I am currently having issues with my omni-X type Rover, using the latest flash model as of 3/10/24. I followed the documentation in setting up an OmniX vehicle.
FRAME_TYPE = 2 (OmniX)
SERVO(1-4)_FUNCTION = MOTOR(1-4) respectively.
MOT_PWM_TYPE = 4 (Brushed Bipolar)
I am having no luck with getting any motor movement when using the transmitter. However, a motor test under the OPTIONAL HARDWARE section in SETUP on MissionPlanner allows me to activate motors A-B for Motors 1-4 respectively. Another issue is that after the 2s duration the motors do not stop on their own, I have to set the throttle to 0% to stop them. I’m currently using 2 motors instead of the 4 because of the lack of hardware I have on hand. Can this be the issue?
I also used the same hardware to configure RCIN 1-4 to RC channels 1-4 to where motor movement takes place. Using the same hardware, I was also able to set-up a R2D2 like skid steering with ease.
I need help in getting the manual mode to make a motor move using the transmitter.
PLS ask for more specification if needed. I really want to finish this project as soon as possible
Transmitter & Reciever: HereLink
GPS: Here3+