Arduplane 4.0.1 with HereLink

I have updated the CUBE to version 4.0.1 and this message appears at HereLink.

any info?


Have you found a solution.? I seem to have the same issue with copter vs 4.0.0, I’m not able to connect. I see that the SR1 parameters are all zero’d out for telem 1. I can’t seem to find what the SR1 parameters should be or any other setting in the parameters to enable the Here Link.

Use the following settings, power cycle your Cube and it would works




This is a small bug of QGC. FW above 4.0 are detected as prior to 3.4. Except some missing parameters, all it is working for me.

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This solution did not work for me. I already had these parameters on these values, and the message still pops up. Herelink air and ground are using the latest firmware, and the Cube is running the latest plane code as well. Maybe it works for copter but not for plane.