"Arm/Disarm command failed" is all I get

After setting up a new drone (with a hardware and software configuration same as the last 9 pieces I’ve built - all work fine), in QGC, after the compass calibration passed, I’ve accidentally pushed reboot button instead of de- and repowering the drone. AFAIK it can mix up badly the mavlink commands or cause various malfunctions.

Unpowered and repowered it, checked all the before flight checklist items, but arming the drone did never work. Selecting the “Arm” in QGC and sliding the slider gives me an error message: “Arm/Disarm command failed”

Tried the followings, but did not help any:

  • Restarting the drone and the controller
  • Reloading the firmware on the Orange cube, also the parameter list
  • Resetting the Herelink Air unit (with reset button)
  • Resetting the controller (Android reset)
  • Reloading air unit firmware, also “updating” controller app and ota app (same versions were installed)

The system is running Arducopter 4.0.7 (must be this version), all other components are on the latest sw/fw.

Logs are attached, in which after powering up, the only action taken is clicking on arm, then sliding the slider, getting the error message.

bugreport-N2G47J-2022-09-08-08-25-32.zip (941.8 KB)
bugreport-N2G47J-2022-09-08-10-24-02.zip (869.9 KB)