I’ve read the manual & watched videos a few times over but I’m still a little confused.
Once I assign a function to one of the many buttons on the HERELINK REMOTE as in “Button A” for ARM so on & so forth for the rest of the buttons.
Do I then need to go into “MISSION PLANNER” using my Cube Orange & assign buttons on their also ? Or is setting the function on Solex TX good enough??
I need to know this for 2 reasons the first is because I want to set “BUTTON A” for ARM & DISARM
And the second reason is I have a servo that I want to use to tilt my a camera on my drone, I’m wanting to know exactly how to get it working?

Whoever explains the process could you please break it down step by step for anybody new or experienced to understand… Thank you😁

You will need to understand what you’re going to configure.

For sbus button, you are just changing the PWM output. So you will need to go to Mission Planner to configure the Cube, about what should it do responding to the change in PWM.

For mavlink button, you are directly ordering the autopilot to to something. So configuring in Herelink is enough.