ATLAS UAV TEAM & Cubepilot Sponsorship Request

Hello Cubepilot Team!

I am Berkay, Electronics & Avionics & Autonomous Subteam Lead of ATLAS UAV Team.
ATLAS UAV Team is a student group that has participated in competitions in Turkey for 5 years and in America for a year.
Our team consists of undergraduate students in many engineering branches such as mechanical engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, computer engineering and chemical engineering.

Last year, our team participating in the 2022 AUVSI Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) competition, finished 13th in the Technical Design Paper (TDP) section, 12th in the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) section and 18th in the Mission Demonstration section.

Flight Readiness Review and Team Promo we prepared last year :

Promo : Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa, ATLAS UAV | Promo | SUAS 2022

FRR : Istanbul University, Cerrahpasa, ATLAS UAV TEAM | FRR | SUAS 2022

In addition, I would like to share with you some technical performance features of our UAV named ATLAS, which we designed from scratch last year:

Technical Performance Summary :

  • Cube Black Autopilot with Here3 GPS/RTK System
  • MTOW: 9.5 kg
  • Flight Endurance: 29 minutes
  • Maximum Speed: 16 m/s
  • Thrust-to-weight ratio: 2.94
  • T-MOTOR MN6007II-320KV motors x4 with FLAME 60A 12S ESC’s
  • RFD900+ Bundle for long communication range

Photos of our vehicle, ATLAS :

At the same time, our team has been participating in the TEKNOFEST International UAV competition held in Turkey for 5 years and competes in the finals every year.

Last year, we participated in the TEKNOFEST 2022 International UAV Competition with 3 different UAVs in 3 different categories.

In the Teknofest International Free Duty UAV competition we participated in, we won the secondary team prize award in Turkey with the emergency drone we designed.

We have delivered the first-aid kits that the drone we designed can carry at the same time to its potential users with the mobile application developed by our software team.


A photo from our competition’s awards ceremony :slight_smile:

About our UAVs, I would like to explain to you about our fixed-wing UAV named PARS firstly, which is competing in Turkey.

Our plane, which we designed from scratch in 2022, has full autonomous flight capability.

At the same time, it was one of the fastest vehicles in the competition, completing 2 “lazy-eight” maneuvers in 41 seconds on a 170x120m flight area.

It can consistently drop the payloads in its fuselage to the specific target area with the image processing algorithms run on the mission computers in the PARS.

Technical Performance Summary :

  • Cube Orange Autopilot with Here3 GPS System
  • Weight : 3.3 kg
  • Wingspan : 1.56 meters
  • Communication Range : 4 km
  • Stall Speed: 9 m/s
  • Cruise Speed: 14 m/s
  • Maximum Speed: 23 m/s
  • GCS - UAV Communication with 3DR v5 Telemetry Bundle
  • SunnySky X2826-1080KV Motor with APC Folding 12x6 Propeller

Detailed Design Video of PARS : TEKNOFEST Uluslararası İHA Yarışması - PARS İHA Takımı - 417537 - Detaylı Tasarım Videosu - YouTube

Photos of our vehicle, PARS :

Secondly, let’s take a look at our other UAV competed in Turkey, the multirotor named SAFIR.

SAFIR is a quadcopter, has a payload capacity of 4,5 kg.

With its competition mission mechanism, our vehicle can fly and water intake and release completely autonomously.

Besides, SAFIR completed its mission in 83 seconds, due to its high maneuverability.

Technical Performance Summary :

  • Cube Orange Autopilot with Here3 GPS System
  • Weight Without Payload: 5.2 kg
  • Payload Capacity: 5.2 Liters
  • Maximum Speed: 14 m/s
  • Maximum Pitch Angle: 32 degrees
  • Flight Endurance: 7.3 minutes
  • Communication Range : 2 km
  • T-MOTOR MN6007II-320KV motors x4 with FLAME 60A 12S ESC’s

Detailed Design Video of SAFIR: TEKNOFEST Uluslararası İHA Yarışması - SAFİR İHA TAKIMI - 415338 - Detaylı Tasarım Videosu - YouTube

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-12 at 15.17.44

As can be seen from the technical features of our UAV’s, we use Cube Orange/Here3/RTK systems, products of HEX/ProfiCNC from the Cubepilot Ecosystem, in all our unmanned aerial systems.

In line with the requirements of the competitions we participated in, we think that the best products to be used in vehicles with autonomous flight capability are the products of the Cubepilot Ecosystem.

In this context, we need your sponsorship for the components to be used for the UAS systems that we will design for the SUAS 2023 competition and the TEKNOFEST 2023 International UAV competition this year.

Within the scope of Cubepilot sponsorship, Cubepilot/Hex/ProfiCNC logos will be on all of our UAV’s designed from our team.

At the same time, Cubepilot/Hex/ProfiCNC names and logos will be on all team t-shirts, all project presentations, and roll-ups we will design.
Your requests as a sponsor will also be evaluated and fulfilled.
We await your answers about your sponsorship excitingly.
Kind Regards

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