August 2021 stable update

Hi all

Stable is now out of Beta!

And Mads RC Tech have done an awesome how too video.

Please watch through this video to get through the update process smoothly.




Great video, very informative. Thanks! :+1:

No specific mention of the Quadplane mode bug fix on Solex TX. Was it included this update?


Thank you all the team at Cube and a big thank you Ian for an excellent video

Dear all,

what is dz and expo used for?


DZ refers to Dead Zone, distance away from centre which it start to response.
Expo refers to exponential, which determines the rate of change on stick level.

Thanks for the fast replay.
about the expo, it can move the camera much faster? or it’s reffer to something else?
also, it will be great if we can use conditional buttons, like press on shulder i can move the right stick to change camera position, like i can do in my taranis

Exponential allows you to set a non linear RC output for each stick. What that means in use is that you can set the response to be less sensitive around the centre of the stick, but more sensitive towards the end of the travel. A picture is worth a thousand words and all that…

It has the advantage that if you need very fine control, you have that around the centre of the sticks, but you retain full movement for when its needed.

Depending on if you set it positive or negative you can also get the opposite effect, with the stick more responsive near the middle and less responsive around the end of the travel.

The one question I do have though, is which direction does it apply, ie is the graph above a +ve or -ve exponential? (Coming from using both JR and Futaba controls before I got Herelink, they applied it in opposite directions)

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