Autoland stall in 10KT head winds

Hi all in auto land plane does the cube use the airspeed sensor and the gps speed ?
i had a plane stall drop in 10KT winds ?
looking at the logs there was 10KT difference from Air speed to gps speed
is there a way to overcome this on windy days ( thats like 80% my flying days lol )

Logs & Bin files

@jschall, can you please look at this?

We’re you using the airspeed sensor?

its in the nose of auto land

took another plane out today wind was from 9 to 15 KT tried 3 time auto land it goes to stall
the glide slope was spot on to the last 10m from land point 3 meters high its cutting the throttle to idle then stalls and falls
is there way to switch to gps speed 3 meters off the deck

Are you preheating your cube before flight so alt reading stays correct during flight

yes 30 to 50 mins its cooking on the way to the field :smiley:

do you have a lidar to determine the actual true height above ground?

not on all my planes just the new UAV it has Garmin LIDAR-Lite v3HP**
i went out Tuesday no wind it landed better than me on the sticks lol
its only on 10KT+

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Hi all
auto land fixed wing
LW20/C (100 m) or SF11C (120)
i can get my hands on LW20/C
which is better for auto land on fixed wing UAV

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Hi all just got LW20/C (100 m)
how should i wire it up to the cube IC2 or Serial port on a plane

Serial is best

Hi buddy what baud rate should i use
and do have some setting’s for LW20/C

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Can’t tell from the replies but does it use GPS or A/S sensor for autoland? Based on the replies it sort of sounded like it switched from A/S to GPS or vice versa based on height, may be wrong interpretation of the reply.

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the airspeed sensor is used for auto landings that what was its undoing the air speed was till showing 9.8 ms because of the head wind

The aircraft will not stall in a headwind! That’s not the reason at all.

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rangefinder only be used during landing or can it be used for general flight. ?
or should it be used only in auto-landing ?

EK2_RNG_USE_HGT to switch from lidar to baro at a set height.
so does this mean if i set to 1% RNGFND_MAX_CM and rangefinder height is set to 10000 Cm so at 9900 and up it will switch to baro ?

or EK2_RNG_USE_HGT 70% so it will start using baro 7000 cm and up ?

most of the mission is from 10000 to 15000

well i got around to fixing it and took it last week and update the cube to 4.0.4

any tips or hints will be grateful

with black cube
here2 gps and a here gps
rfd900x for telemetry
Frsky X8R receiver with Frsky pass-through
Lightware LW20/C Laser Range Finder for landings

here is bin tlog param WP files

I have 3 issues i need help with
but the first landing for the day it greased it in better than me

1 in take_off or auto mode plane veers off the runway

2 speed between waypoint all over the place and to slow no matter i set it to

3 stall and drop on auto landings

here is a video of the flight ( gopro )

i have posted in ArduPlane as well


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Check your airspeed sensor is behaving

can you recommend one ?