Autopilot location outside center

Good afternoon, colleagues. Your advice is needed on amending the autopilot settings. There is a need to move the cube outside the center of the drone. I enclose the layout diagram. Please advise what adjustments should be made to the settings, provided that the cube is located outside the center at a distance of 168 mm.

You can find more info here on this

I studied your link, but unfortunately it does not answer my question. Parameter Board Orientation (AHRS_ORIENTATION) responsible for the orientation in space (Roll90, Yaw90 and so on - I figured out the tilt angle.) My question is about making a correction when offset by 168 mm from the center.

Here we go, was looking for an answer for this question yesterday


How important is this to do? I have my cube black set up around 70mm or so from COG, with GPS just above it. The link states that it’s not required if within 15cm of each other, so is it still worth setting the imu positions (ins_pos1_x etc) ?

Thank you very much this is what I was looking for. For those who need to make adjustments, the distance is indicated in meters.