AUX OUT PWM rangefinder distance scaling not working in copter 4.07 cube orange

since i2c bus is entirely useless with the CAN bus system active. i moved to pwm input in the AUX outs. my sensor is VL53L1X time of flight sensor which can measure upto 400cm.
using arduino board i got a pwm out map to the sensor values.

and measurement are reading correctly with the cube. but it only display upto 200cm only.
i tried changing all of the max/min , scaling and offset parameters in cube. but nothing seems to work effectively. it almost like there is no reaction to any changes i made in the parameter list. these are my parameters


can you help me to figure this out. i need the full capability of the sensor to be utilised.
@MadRC @rmackay9 @Anubis
thanks in advance.
best reagrds

Looking at the driver it seems that the pwm to distance conversion is hard-coded to work for the Lidar Lite which has perhaps been the only lidar that we know of that uses PWM.

reading_cm = value_us/10; // correct for LidarLite.  Parameter needed?  Converts from decimetres -> cm here

So I guess the best thing to do would be to raise an enhancement request on the issues list. I wish I had better news but I think you may be the first to try this… certainly the first to report it as far as I know.

P.S. I don’t monitor support on the CubePilot forums much. I do monitor the ArduPilot forums especially for 4.1 beta testing reports.

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thank you very much.