Auxiliary ports


I am trying to use three of the auxiliary ports (ch9-ch11) on my Carrier Board to control the signal to my pitch, roll, and yaw of my gimbal. I said servo9_fuction, servo10_fuction, and servo11_fuction to pass through. And assigned the appropriate sliders at my radio to each individual corresponding channel. After Setting these configurations I am not getting a signal through the auxiliary ports to control the movement of the gimbal. What am I missing in the configurations of Mission planner in order to get this to function?



You need to set BRD_PWM_COUNT to activate some AUX ports. Some of them are default disabled.

I will give that a try.

Thank you!

OK I’m able to get a signal on auxiliary ports 11 and 12. But for some reason I’m not able to get a signal enabled over channel 9 and channel 10 as displayed on the radio calibration screen. Any suggestions on how to enable a signal? I have set up the appropriate mixing on my radio as a corresponds to the auxiliary channels. When I look at the radio calibration screen and assign a switch or a slider to channel 10 and nine I’m not getting any movement as displayed on the screen but I am getting movement only on channels 11 and 12 as displayed on the radio calibration screen. Again do you have a recommendations on how to enable channel 9 and 10 signal displayed on the radio calibration screen?

Have you also set the RCx_option ?