AVLOS and BLOS operatons: Two RC radio input plus one 3DR radio

AVLOS and BLOS operatons: Two RC radio input plus one 3DR radio.
We are in process with development of our CAA approved procedure for UAV work for BLOS and EVLOS operations.
To fulfill CAA demands we need to have redundancy for UAV data and RC control comunication.
Now we have an Futaba T10J RC that are using s-bus and an 3DR radio set that are used for groundstation communication.

CAA want us to ad one more RC radio operated far out in the field by an co-pilot as a backup.

Anyone who knows how to do this?

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SOLVED: Changing the cube from Black to Yellow or Orange with F7 or H7 cpu system does that the autopilot recognises the sbus communication from both receivers and if the first rc com recognised drops out then it uses the second one. And it stays on the second even if the first one reestablish the comunication. But change back to the first when the second loose communication.
For whichever Serial Port the receiver is attached, the SERIALx_PROTOCOL should be set to 23. The baud rate is ignored and auto-detected, as well as the type of the receiver.