Bandwidth of serial channel

It appears that the baud rate of the UART on the Air Unit can be changed.

There would be no point in setting it higher than the air data rate (bandwidth) of that channel - or portion of the signal.

Does anyone know what the air data rate of the serial channel is?

I didn’t see a baud rate setting on the ground unit - but I expect there it can be set - either in the Apps, or on the HereLink control firmware. Can someone please point me in the right direction to find it?

Many Thanks!

there is no limit on the bandwidth. only the link speed. ie things like video will chew into the bandwidth. there are limits to the max baud rate however

Interesting. Thank you for replying.

When I did my RTK testing, I kept an eye on the RAD.TxBuf percentages in the DataFlash logs - to make sure that the telemetry radios (SiK radios) weren’t being saturated with the corrections messages. Of note: similar to Andrew Tridgell’s finding, Ntrip took less “bandwidth” than an RTK base with it’s own receiver.

I just did a quick bench test with the HereLink running and carrying video. I wanted to take a quick peek at the RAD.TxBuf percentages - but perhaps in keeping with your response, there are no parameters in the DataFlash log with the HereLink.

If there are any tools to keep track of bandwidth utilization, it would be good to know and track them. Especially since I’m new to HereLink, I need to make sure how close to the edge I’m operating.

Thanks again Michael!

Hmm… not sure how I missed it - but the data flash log parameters are showing up now.