Batt_Volt_Mult issue and inconsistent Voltage reading

I have a cube with a mini carrier board on which i use the original Power Brick Mini and i am noticing very inconsisted voltage readings.
wierdest part is that my voltage multiplier is set to almost 430-438 in order for me to see 25+ volts on my HUD, while with the 12.02 value i get something like 0.7-0.8 volts. Is this normal?

Not normal… Contact your distributor

Thanx for the reply Phillip, i switched the power module with a new one i had an seems that all started leveling out. Now i can tune an get pretty accurate reading, down to 50mah difference of battery consuption between MP% and what my charger gives the battery. Now i am simply trying to find a way for a better voltage battery estimate

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