Battery is too low to fly

Hey. I have cube blue+herelink. Herelink says the battery is too low to fly. The power is over 23 volts. How I can fix it? Batteries lipo 7000mah, 6s. !

Check your battery arming volatge!

thank you. i will try tomorrow if it works.

For 6 cell LiPo you should be using these values
If you think you have to alter them then you battery is bad or the voltage monitoring is incorrect.
Why not monitor current too? Try setting battery capacity to 0mAh

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Thank you!

Hello. I fixed but it doesn’t help. Still solex tx says: battery too low for flying. Battery power 24v.

You could try manually calibrating the voltage sensor. You need to very accurately measure the battery voltage and plug that value is as per:
First set the sensor type to Other and reboot the flight controller, then measure and enter the actual battery voltage.
If you have access to a regulated variable power supply (or very discharged battery) you can set a low voltage, around what you expect a depleted battery to be and measure/set that voltage.

Set LOG_DISARMED,1 and reboot. Try to Arm and fly. Collect the .bin log and host it somewhere like dropbox and post a link to it so we can see what’s going on.

Thank you . I will check that.