Battery Voltage

Hello all. Just chasing a little assistance.
I need to capture the voltage output of a sensor.
We are inputing it on batt2_volt but the output seems to be manipulated but other factors. Can anyone tell me what parameters affect the batt2_volt display after it entered the Cube? Hope that makes sense.

All BATT2 parameters are listed on this page :

Thanks Julien I understand what the parameters are. Trying to understand how they interact to give a final battery voltage.

The actual input pin supports up to 3.3volts, so you might need to use a voltage divider to drop your original voltage to keep under that limit.
Then the voltage multiplier in the parameters scales the input up to the real/original value, BATT2_VOLT_MULT

xfacta, thanks for your response. We are using the ADC for voltage input do your know the maximum supported voltage here?
2022-11-11 12:05:20.62: PARAM_VALUE {param_id : BATT_VOLT_PIN, param_value : 2.0, param_type : 9, param_count : 868, param_index : 342}
2022-11-11 12:05:20.62: PARAM_VALUE {param_id : BATT_CURR_PIN, param_value : 3.0, param_type : 9, param_count : 868, param_index : 343}
2022-11-11 12:05:20.62: PARAM_VALUE {param_id : BATT2_VOLT_PIN, param_value : 15.0, param_type : 9, param_count : 868, param_index : 362}
2022-11-11 12:05:20.62: PARAM_VALUE {param_id : BATT2_CURR_PIN, param_value : 3.0, param_type : 9, param_count : 868, param_index : 363}

The ADC input connector also supports 0-3.3V input. The downside is you have work out how to handle it yourself, potentially LUA scripting to record values in logs and send messages to the ground station.

All those analog BATT inputs, current and voltage, supports 0-3.3V input.
A lot of people use a spare BATT input for monitoring a sensor, since it’s recorded in logs by default and you can scale it and even set failsafe actions if it’s similar to a fuel reading or sprayer tank level.

Those values for BATT PINs depend on your flight controller hardware and are usually set correctly by the hwdef file when the firmware is compiled (on the firmware server)
You would never change these manually unless you know they are wrong for your hardware.