Behaviour of QGroundControl - guided mode on takeoff

Hi there,

having the drone up and running, QGroundControl in stabilized flightmode, sliding the “takeoff”-button, QGC changes to guided mode, the drone starts and I’m not more able to steer the drone with the sticks.
The last time I tried to change the flightmode inflight to stabilized, what ended in an immediate crash.

-> Where does the guided mode come from? I did not configure guided mode at any point.

The drone should take off to the predefined altitude and wait there until the flight mode is changed. The guided mode is a “helper” mode where the drone flies to a position provided by the pilot via touch screen etc.

I would not expect the drone to crash when you change the flight mode. Was it able to fly in stabilize and loiter before?

Hi Tobias,

thank you for your reply. The behaviour with the “guided mode” is new. What I did with the system was to attach and integrate a retractable landing gear. Before that it started in “Stabilized” mode and was fully controllable.

Where in the depth of parameters may I find the configuration of the Take-off-procedure?

Kind regards