Bi-Directional DShot

Is Bi-Directional DShot available on the Orange Cube or Orange+ Cube MAIN outlet pins 1~8?

In dev

Bi-Directional DSHOT will be available on the first 4 Main outputs.
DSHOT will be available on all 8 Main outputs.

So if you need more than 4, better to set up the telem wire to a serial port and get RPM plus a bunch of other data that way. This can still be used along side bidirectional DSHOT too.

@xfacta Thanks for the update. Help is on the way!

@KiwiDrones Bi-directional DShot will not work on Main outputs of Cube, only on Aux outputs. Cubes have protection circuit between IO out and IOMCU which is unidirectional. The protection circuit is important as it ensures that signals are strongly driven and IOMCU is isolated. If Bi-directional is needed it is recommended to use either Aux pins or separate Telem pin to read ESC info.

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Thanks for explaining that!