Big delay on custom gstreamer app


We are developing a custom application for the Herelink RC. So far we are able to get the stream using a native plugin in Android (java) that we’ve developed. Our plugin connects to rtsp:// (according to this post ) and even though we can view the stream, it has 3-4 second delay which does not happen when running the updated QGC app.

We have also tried playing the stream using one of gstreamer’s examples for android:
Using gstreamer 1.18.5 and replacing the url in the playbin by rtsp:// However, the 3-4 second delay also happens here.

Any hints on why this is happening or alternatives that allow us to replicate QGC’s stream in our custom app are greatly apreciated.


whats your pipeline?

Hi @Michael_Oborne,

In the meantime we found a solution. The pipeline we were using was the one from tutorial 4 in gst-docs/examples/tutorials/android, which is just a regular playbin.

Forcing the latency property to a low value, such as 100, fixed the lag issue:

data->pipeline = gst_parse_launch ("playbin uridecodebin0::source::latency=100", &error);