Blue Cube Power

I am trying to load 4.0.2 FW on a new Blue Cube.

The board will not power up properly if the sf11c is plugged in. I also have the HereFlow running. (no startup sounds, and mission planner freezes trying to connect.

After power up and then plugging in the rangefinder, everything works fine. I can see the FLOW and rangefinder working in the status tab.

Same FW and parameter file copied to a Black Cube and everything is fine

I posted a couple of the logs from my bench testing.

Trouble (964.7 KB)

The Blue Cube is also not recognized by QGroundControl

Also the Black that I have working is running 4.0.2-rc4 I am not sure now which version successfully went on this board. What is supposed to be loaded on the Blue? Official or Beta? I have seen conflicting directions and am unsure what the rc4 is but guess that is related. Also when I move the sf11c to the Serial 3 port and reconfigure, the power will cycle properly, but neither the HereFlow or the sf11c work.

Please read the release notes on 4.0.2 you might find some helpful info there