Boat does not stop at the end of a mission


I have a boat with the pixhawk 2.1 system, herelink remote controller. I use the Qground control system and I have noticed sometimes that after a mission the boat will not stop, it speeds up to a speed of 4 knots (cruise speed of 2 knots). Why does it sometimes not stop and others just speed up to max speed? How can I fix this (I have crashed the boat multiple times)?
What have you set on MIS_DONE_BEHAVE?

Maybe you have your throttle raised after the mission?

It is set to Hold, after a mission. Sometimes it does and sometimes it does not.
Does it depend on something?

Can you recall whether your boat is under Hold mode when it speeded up at the end of mission?

It more sounds like software or setting issue. You may go to ardupilot forum as well

Boat switches to either Acro or Guided sometimes. I was on the boat testing it, then I could see that after some missions it went to Hold other times it went to Acro or Guided mode.

In this case it looks like the software (ardupilot) didn’t switch to the correct mode. Please go to ardupilot forum as there are more ardupilot developers.