Brand New Orange Cube - driver problem

I was far enough along in building my new copter that I thought it was time to load ArduCopter on the new Orange Cube.

My computer has no difficulty connecting and updating any of my other Orange Cubes.

But when I plug this one in - Mission Planner reports the Cube’s driver requires updating.

So I did the research.

When the new Cube is plugged in, device manager reports the same as what was displayed in Mission Planner.

Connecting any of my previous Orange Cubes and Mission Planner and Device Manager show the Orange Cube ports correctly - just like always.

Digging in to the docs I find the page about loading the latest device drivers:

Unfortunately, this is a bad link - and downloads nothing.

Typing in the page manually, a page comes up that does have a working link for the drivers. (I hope these are the right drivers - there are old drivers listed too.)

I do the Mission Planner “Cntl-F” and “Clean Drivers” option. Then I run the new driver installation file I downloaded.

No change - my new Orange Cube is still not recognized as a valid port.

There’s language out there about the Orange Cubes no longer coming with firmware. I’ve always had to load ArduCopter on new Cubes. What’s changed - if anything. Is perhaps ChibiOS no longer pre-loaded on a new Cube?

I’m stuck - and need a little help now. Thank you.

Don’t connect, try to load firmware.

I didn’t connect.

I simply selected the port in the pull down box. (per the docs)

Then tried loading the firmware.

Then got the error message that it failed to detect the port to upload.

I’m trying to emulate it here to see what’s going on, standby

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One concern is if I’ve loaded the right updated drivers.

As I mentioned, the CubePilot docs have a link to the driver firmware - but it’s a dead link.

I found the firmware page by keying in the URL directly. I downloaded the Mission Planner driver.msi file and loaded it. (after doing the cntl-F clear driver procedure)

If the link is dead - maybe the correct driver update file is not where it’s supposed to be - and I’ve loaded an old driver.msi and installed that.

There are screenshots above that show this above.

Where is the dead link?

Here - as in my screenshot above.

I loaded this driver file instead:

I unplugged the USB cable after the Mission Planner error message - and re-plugged it back in. That fixed it.

Thanks for hang in there with me Phillip!

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@Chris , can you please update this link that joe has highlighted?

Thank you for informing, just updated.

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