Bricked my herelink Air unit?

Hey all,
Was setting up my airlink on my ground robot (Rover), I got it all set up and got my remote updated with the new firmware. I tried to update my air unit and it froze during the update, it sat at 4/10 update for about 20 minutes, so I disconnected it and cycled power, I plugged it back in and my laptop was able to begin the update again with WIN flasher, but then it suddenly closed out and the LED lights went off on the air unit…

Now my win flasher cannot find the device again, my laptop USB port won’t detect it, and I cannot get the LED lights to come back on with power… Did I brick it? is there a fix I can try?

Also, the antennas were on the entire time and it was powered externally by a 6s LiPo that is feeding it through a 5v castle BEC.

I have tried holding down the reset button for an extended period of time, but no luck there.

Thanks in advance.

I’m a bit better, but in the same boat.
Just upgraded the remote to latest firmware and it won’t see or pair the air unit anymore.
Yellow led on the air, turns to blinking green when pair button pushed, recognized by the laptop when plugged, but flasher-win throws a heap of error messages.

the flasher app is the best method for recovery.

please post screenshots of the errors, else i got nothing to go by

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There are no errors because it can’t be detected by flasher or my laptop, it just doesn’t do anything at all, the LED lights don’t come on either. I’m not sure if it’s bricked or if it just fried itself somehow.


I thought that the airlink required minimum 7 V instead of 5v to work properly. Please verify.

The bottom of the airlink unit says 5v-12v rating

yes, but this was corrected by one of the forum staff that you need to supply minium 7v and max 12v for the Airlink to survive in the air !!

ah okay I didn’t know that

any particular reason your running it from that specific directory?

if you have used adb prior to the flasher app, it conflicts with the flasher app.

I’ve tried to adb kill-server and stuff, in one of the sessions.

OK. Solved my issue.
It was a case of Google Android ADB Drivers missing.

Problem is, the “driver-less Android device” only shows up after running flasher_win once and getting the above screenshotted error message, and is visible in Device Manager for a short while, until the air unit reboots itself.

agh ok,

so there are 2 devices it apears as
a adb device
and a fastboot device

so one of these needs a driver to work

I ended up just replacing my airlink unit with another one, and that one worked after some fiddling with voltage from the Castle BEC… It wouldn’t work with 7.5v or 8v, it kept shutting off and turning back on when I connected to it… I programmed the BEC to output 12v and then the airlink functioned as it should, took the update and everything is good.