Broken herelink joystick

Herelink’s left joystick has broken, it has stopped working when acting there is no movement, the right joystick works. I understand that this has been broken:
Does anyone know how to buy the part? It is for not buying a whole remote control again

There is probably a SMD part removed from the PCB. The best solution might be to reinstall this SMD part.

ok, right, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Jesus
I have the same issue, but the thread answer above was confusing. Did you find another joystick part? If so could you share please.

Hi Hextd
I have the same issue, but didn’t understand your comment. Do you know where to purchase another joystick?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Philipp,

my comment is based on information of a reseller.
We asked our reseller and we asked the HereLink team directly. We finally got the part provided by the HereLink team via our reseller. I’m still very happy about the help.

Best regards,

Thats greats news Hextd

Could you tell me which reseller you used?


It’s a German one. I think you should contact the reseller where you bought your device and ask them to contact the manufacturer.

Sorry Phillip I couldn’t find anything…
In the end I had to buy another remote, which I suppose is what they want… unfortunately, for now, no one has wanted to share where to find it…

Thanks guys. Shame we can’t get parts, mine dropped due to having to have a power bank charging it, as the battery life isn’t great :frowning: and he USB cord got caught, hence the RC dropped and seems to have slightly lets say reduced the right stick from centering perfectly! there are springs balancing it internally they seem fine.